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Amoral America is like a number of books that tell depressing tales where we in the West are the bad guys. Most people don’t like ‘depressing’ or knowing that we are a big part of the problem. So books like this are a hard sell but the fact remains that if we don’t understand the past we are condemned to repeat it. I believe that we can do much better than killing each other.

Due to the fact that I regard these ‘truths’ as fundamental to a better future I have decided that 'Amoral America' should not be subject to the all-pervasive profit motive. This means that the book sells for $10 Canadian which is not bad for a new 750 page book. Shipping is $15 due to the fact that there is no reasonable rate for mailing books as postal departments are now profit centers rather than people owned service providers.

So the price of the book in your hands is $25 and you might like to know that 100% of the selling price is donated to a worthy cause. In 2008 $5,000 was donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation which does good work in Africa, a continent which has been plundered by the ‘good guys’ for hundreds of years.

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Robert W. Fearn, author


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