Good Reading

These books are interesting because they attempt to tell a truth that is relatively unknown.  They are also important because they are like whistleblowers.  The truths they reveal are important in a democracy for the simple reason that you cannot sustain democracy with numerous state secrets.  Like whistleblowers these authors are often maligned or marginalized when they should be embraced for the essential good that they do.  To read them all is to make yourself one of the best informed people on the planet.

These are in no particular order.  Reviews for many of them can be found on Amazon.

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The Secret Wars of the CIA John Stockwell 
Lies My Teacher Told Me James Lowen    
M.L. King, The Assassination   Harold Weisberg
A Game As Old As Empire Lucy Komisar
The Myth of the Good War Jacques Pavwels
Deadly Dogma  Grant Smith
The Bush Agenda Antonia Juhasz
Nixon & Kissinger, Partners in Power Robert Dallek
The Weather Makers Tim Flannery
Blowback Chalmers Johnson
Sorrows of Empire Chalmers Johnson
Nemesis Chalmers Johnson
Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine Ian Pappe
Making of the Israeli-Palestine Conflict Ian Pappe
History fo Modern Palestine Ian Pappe
Attention Deficit Democracy James Bouvard
Inferno (re bombing of Hamberg) Keith Lowe
The Fire Book (re bombing of Germany)  Jorg Friedrich & Allison Brown
After The Reich Giles Macdonough
Armed Mad House Greg Palast
Johnny Got His Gun Dalton Trumbo
The Big Eddy Club   (US justice) David Rose
An Innocent Man John Grisham
The Rise of Disaster Capitalism Naomi Klein
Overkill  (Police actions in the US) Radley Balko
Israel and The Bomb Avner Cohen
Heart of Darkness  (re the Congo) Joseph Conrad
Plausible Denial   (re JFK) Mark Lane
The Unholy Land  Arthur Forrest
Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour Joseph Persico
From the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act Chis Finan
Orientalism Edward Said
Patriots and Profiteers R. T. Naylor
The Best War Ever J. Stauber/S. Rampton
Torture Taxi T. Paglen/A.C. Thompson
In Search of Enemies (re Angola) John Stockwell
A Thousand Acres (fiction) Jane Smiley
Body of Secrets James Bamford
Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers Anne Machon
German Opposition to Hitler Hans Rothfels
The Long Death  (Native Americans) Ralph Andrist
Beyond Chutzpah Norman Finkelstein
Americas Prisoner Manuel Noriega
State of War James Risen
Weakness and Deceit  (US in El Salvador) Raymond Bonner
An Unauthorized History of the RCMP Lorne & Caroline Brown
Gut Instinct Victor Malareck
The Assassins Gate   (US in Iraq) George Packer
Deadly Deceits Ralph McGehee
Covert Actions, The Roots of Terrorism Ellen Ray/William Schaap
Day of Deceit   (Pearl Harbor) Robert Stinnett
The Rise and Fall of the American Empire Gore Vidal
Gun Fighter Nation  (1998) Richard Slotkin
Regeneration Through Violence  (2000) Richard Slotkin
Keepers of the Truth Michael Collins
Pirates of the Caribbean Tariq Ali
Blood and Oil Michael Klare
How the World Really Works Alan Jones
The Assassinations (JFK, MLK, RFK &MX)   DiEugio, Pease, Brown & Sklar
American Political Prisoners  Stephen Kohn
What is Anarchism Alexander Berkman
An Act of State   (about M.L.K.) William Pepper
The Real Wealth of Nations Riane Eisler
Hostile Takeover   David Sirota
Barry and the Boys  (CIA and the Mob etc.) Daniel Hopsicker
Fiasco  (The USA in Iraq) Tom Ricks
Blackwater (mercenaries)  Jeremy Scahill
Blood of the Earth  (oil)     Dilip Hiro
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Greg Palast
The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence J.Marks, V. Marchetti
The Debt Boomerang   Dr. Susan George
The Unseen Hand Ralph Epperson
The New World Order Ralph Epperson
Deterring Democracy Noam Chomsky
Attention Deficit Democracy  James Bovard
Web of Deceit  (Iraq) Barry Lando
Petrodollar Warfare William Clark
The Party is Over  (oil peak) Richard Heinberg
Twilight in the Desert  (oil) Matthew Simmons
On the Brink  (CIA)  Tyler Drumheller
The Prize  (oil)   Daniel Yergin
Gold Warriors  (recovery of Yamashitas gold) Sterling Seagrave
Secret and Privilege (Bush Jr.)  Robert Parry
Guantanamo  (human rights) David Rose
For God and Country  (patriotism) James Yee
Shingwalks Vision  (Canada's residential schools) J. R. Miller
Love and Death in the Valley     Kevin Annett
Hidden from History (Canada's genocide) Kevin Annett
Masters of War  (central America) Nieto, Brant, Zinn

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