Why this book?

"patriotism, the virtue of the vicious." Oscar Wilde

We live on a planet that could provide all of us and billions more with all we need to live happy, healthy lives. Tragically this is not the case because a relatively few powerful, aggressive people continue to make decisions that result in war, inequality and needless wants rather than needs. It doesn't have to be this way but as long as the masses are kept from the truth about what these powerful men actually do then the disasters will continue.

In the last few decades many governments have increased funding to their secret organizations at a far greater rate than funding to their own citizens who have real needs. America spends far more on this secrecy than any other country. Most people know that the truth is important and that democracy is threatened if the truth is not a fundamental part of their society but the access to the whole truth continues to decline. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are now paid by their government to keep secrets. The mainstream American media, who usually tell the truth but rarely the whole truth, also contribute to the ignorance which allows America to act as it does. Since the Second World War America has created far more global problems than it has solved. Although that truth is rejected by most 'patriotic' Americans the real patriot knows that is foolish to support your government when it is wrong. A country is much more than its commander-in-chief and all loyal citizens must reject policies that violate stated values.

This book tells about some of the actions that have cause such pain and suffering around the world while those same actions have weakened America while they threaten the global environment. In America nothing is more important than money but that financial house of cards will collapse because it is based on militarism, greed, excess and waste. This reality cannot be changed willingly if the truth is kept from Americans however it is certain that the American way will be forced to change if the basis of American ‘success’ remain the same. Better to make changes your way than than have them forced on you another way.

I hope you find the book informative and interesting.

Robert Fearn


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