About this book

In 50 chapters, 750 pages and more than 500 pictures 'Amoral America' tells the reader about American actions or policies that have created environmental disasters, poverty, illness, sadness and even death for millions of innocent people.  

Other books exist for virtually all of these issues but as far as we know, never in one book.  

American interventions in numerous countries as well as the overthrow of successful democracies are described in a readable, forthright manner. 

'Amoral America' also discusses American government actions that have vigorously supported Weapons of Mass Destruction, Biological and Chemical Weapons, the Bombing of Civilians, Depleted Uranium, Global Warming, the War on Terror and weakening of the International Criminal Court, to name just a few.

Much of the information in this book is unknown by most Americans so they can't fix something when they don't know that it's broken.  

To foster this understanding and help create a more peaceful, prosperous and secure planet this book was written.


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